When Pets Lose their Pet Pals — Do They Grieve too?

Oh, so you think your pet isn’t human? You think humansare the only ones that can feel the loss of a loved one?

While we obviously don’t know for sure – think about it.If pets eat like we do, sleep like we do, have the samebody make up (within) like we do, cry when in pain like wedo, then why won’t they too feel the pain of a loved onelike humans do?

It is sad that many humans think they are the only onesthat are qualified to feel sad, happy or grieve when theloss a loved one.

If your pet can feel happy when there is the cause to,then why do you think it can’t feel sad and grieve whenthere is cause to?

Why won’t your pet moan when the closest pet to it hasjust died. Now it has to stay alone, play alone, sit alone,eat alone, etc. It will definitely feel the loss of theother and this will be manifest in its behavior.

Or you think because your pet can’t speak to you and tellyou how it feels, then it doesn’t mourn?

Fact is this – when one of your pet dies and the otherstarts behaving in ways such as  – eating less; loss ofinterest in things that it used to feel interest in;staying aloof from you and others; not sleeping where itused to sleep, staying silent most of the time, etc.

All these are signs that your pet is silently grieving theloss of the other pet. If the pet isn’t really sure whetherthe other one died or not, it could be hoping that theother pet will return.

What should you do when this happens?

Nothing much than to wait for time to heal the heart ofthis grieving pet.

Like humans, pets also feel the loss of a fellow pet, butget over this loss after some time. Time, they say, healsall wounds – in humans and even in pets.

So, when one of your pet dies and the other feels the lossso much, don’t fret too much about it – this pet will getover it in due time. Some pets heal within a few weeks,while some last for many weeks and even months before theyforget about the loss of their fellow pals.

What you can do is to give your pet all the necessarysupport, care and tenderness it needs to get over the lossin good time.

In other words, do everything you can to take the mind ofyour pet away from her object of worry. Engage her in thoseactivities that she normally loves to do. If your pet isone that loves to have other pets to play with, then inviteyour friend over and have them bring their pets. 

Best of all, you can buy another pet to keep your pet fromfeeling too lonely. With time she will eventually forgetabout the loss of the previous one.

Do all these and your pet can feel better despite the lossof its previous pal.