Do you ever wonder what color of lure you should use to catch some big Bass as you get your fishing gear ready to put into your tackle box? Do you find yourself spending a lot of time deciding what to bring when you would rather be out on the lake or at the river? Hopefully some of these tips will help you take some of the stress away and get you out there fishing faster!

One thing that many people do not know is that Bass can actually see color! They have been found to be able to see red and green better than a human can! Bass can also see better than humans can during the day and a lot better when there is little or no light at all. Typically it is best to use lighter brighter colors when it is sunny outside, such as white, yellow, orange, or clear. On darker days it works best to use darker colors such as black, brown, and purple! Keep this in mind when getting your fishing gear ready.

Another thing some people may not know is that the depth of the water you are fishing in with your lure also makes a difference. When fishing deeper water if it is clear and bright outside, use the same guide as you would when you are picking out a lure on a sunny day, sticking to the lighter,brighter colors. If the water is not very clear make sure to pick a lure from your tackle box that will stick out to the Bass creating a silhouette that they can easily see. As you search your tackle box full of fishing gear looking for that perfect lure that will make the Bass dance on the water, you will soon experience the success of having picked out the right lure to use!

So basically, when you are reaching into your tackle box, pick a lure that you think would attract a Bass according to the weather conditions, depth, and clarity of the water. Bass like movement also so when looking through your fishing gear pick something that moves quickly back and forth as it is pulled through the water. There are many fun Bass lures to pick from, and you can switch lures often to find the one that starts getting you bites, you can also switch locations! Just have fun with it, and keep trying!

Trial and error will happen as you pack your tackle box full of fishing gear, but part of the fun of fishing is the learning process! Sticking to the basic tips as you start out will help you to get going, but the best way to get good at picking out your fishing gear is by practicing!

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