Tips for Good Crappie Fishing By Ronald M Griqua  |   Submitted On March 18, 2012

For people who love to fish, it is the most thrilling moment to see the fish getting caught in the net. And, one of the most interesting and productive types of fishing is crappie fishing, where one can be sure to catch some fish at least.

These fishes belong to the sunfish family and a fully grown crappie might weigh less than 0.5Kg and could measure around 25cm in length. Here are some of the tips which one can follow while angling for crappie fish.

Crappie Fishing Tips

For people who would like to find out how to get hold of these fishes, here are some useful tips:

1. Need to use the right kind of fishing knot: If you are trying to use a jig for fishing, you should make sure that it has a loop knot. This kind of knot will let the jig move freely when it is casted. And, the crappie can actually move a bit on the jig.

2. Setup of Baits: The right kind of baits will attract the crappie fish and these include split shots, slip bobber, and live minnows. You can adjust the slip bobber to any depth and need not sacrifice the ability for casting.

3. Do fishing in the right depth: For your information, the crappies can be found anywhere between 3 to 6 feet of water. When it is very hot and during the afternoons, the crappies move even deeper and will come out only when it is dawn. A black crappie can be found in deeper water while a white crappie might not be so deep.

4. Make use of topographical maps: These maps will help you in getting the depths of the water bodies where you are fishing. And, you can use them to locate the right spot for fishing.

5. Tighten the line: While doing crappie fishing, you should ensure that the line is tight. That is because the crappies have soft lips. So, if your line is loose, they will easily tear off and shake the hook.

6. Be patient and do not hurry: If you act slowly, you would be able to catch the crappies. And, if you act too fast, they might slip off.

Two crappie being held up by fishermen.

These are some of the crappie fishing tips which would help you out in catching these crappies. You would be able to find a lot of crappies in the shallow lakes and rivers. And, you can fish for them throughout the year.

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