The Top 3 Smallmouth Bass Fishing Tips By Trevor Kugler  |   Submitted On April 04, 2013

Fishing for smallmouth bass is an incredibly enjoyable activity and is something that should be experienced by anyone who considers themselves a “fisherman”. These hearty fish are widely known as being one of the hardest fighting fish that can be found in freshwater and can be fished for with a variety of methods and techniques. Smallmouth are also found in a variety of different types of water from muddy lakes to crystal clear rivers and streams, so no matter where you live, you can more than likely find a place to go out and attempt to catch some “bronze backs”.

The first tip is the easiest one to outline, but might very well be the most effective of all the tips being listed, and has to do with the moon rise and set. This phenomenon, which doesn’t necessarily correlate with the sun rise and set, has as much to do with smallmouth bass biting as any single factor. You see, fish tend to be much more active during the hour or so window of time that brackets the moon rising or setting, than at any other time of the day. And as you can probably imagine, the more active the smallmouth are the more apt they are to bite whatever it is that you are offering them.

The second tip is to focus your efforts on area’s that contain large broken rock whenever you can. Smallmouth bass love to search for food in area’s that contain broken rocks. This is because that large broken rocks have many places for them to hide and ambush their prey as well as being a favorite place for a smallmouths’ favorite food to hide and live, the crayfish.

The final tip that I have is to utilize artificial flies whenever you can. Crayfish and bait fish imitation artificial flies are incredibly effective when used as bait for smallmouth bass, and are a bait that most smallmouth anglers neglect to use. The reason most fishermen don’t utilize artificial flies as bait for smallmouth bass is because they aren’t “fly fishermen”, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Spin fishermen can utilize this incredibly effective type of bait by using something called a casting bubble. With a casting bubble, artificial flies can be used as bait while using traditional spin fishing gear.

Fall Smallmouth. Smallmouth bass caught during the fall on Lake Barkley in Kentucky royalty free stock photos0

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The bottom line is that the previously outlined tips will help anyone catch more smallmouth bass, so add one or all of them to your fishing repertoire sooner rather than later.

Trevor Kugler is co-founder of JRWfishing a website focused on river and stream fishing with a focus on fishing for trout. He has more than 25 years experience fishing for all types of fish, and has spent much of that time fishing in small rivers and streams.

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