How To Catch Smallmouth Bass: The Best Smallmouth Lures By Trevor Kugler  |   Submitted On October 18, 2012

If you want to know how to catch smallmouth bass, one way is by using fishing lures. The choices that are available when it comes to smallmouth lures is vast and determining which one to use on a particular day on the water can be challenging, but in this article I will list a few of what I have found to be the best smallmouth lures during the past twenty or so years that I have spent fishing for “bronze backs”.

Now these lures aren’t the only choices when it comes to fishing for and catching smallmouth, but they would no doubt be in any serious small fisherman “top 10”. There is no doubt that different lures will work better on certain days as compared to others, but the point is that if you have the following smallmouth lures available to you the next time that you hit the water, you will be in a very good position to experience success.

Mepps Dorsal Fin Spinners – This smallmouth lure features a unique vertical fin, single-hook design for passing through weeds without hang-ups. Its silicon skirt can be fished without a trailer, and its wide-gap hook is great for rigging nearly any soft plastic lure. It is also equipped with holographic eyes, which help to entice hungry smallmouth bass.


Blue Fox FoxTail Vibrax Spinners – Spinners are effective smallmouth lures whether they are fishing in the flowing waters of a river or stream or in a lake that contains smallmouth bass. If you want to know how to catch smallmouth bass, do yourself a favor and tie on a FoxTail Vibrax spinner.

Storm Original Wiggle Wart – The Wiggle Wart is especially effective if the body of water that you are fishing has a healthy population of crayfish. In this case a “Phantom Brown Crayfish” Wiggle Wart can be a difficult bait to beat. Try retrieving it slowly along the bottom to entice hungry smallmouth.

Yamamoto Senko – The five or six inch version of this soft plastic bait is a favorite among professional bass fishermen. The Senko can be rigged several different ways when fishing for smallmouth bass. The Senko wiggles and slides through the water with an incredible action and has a slow, undulating action on the fall that drives “bronze backs” crazy.

The bottom line is that “the best” lure for these beautiful fish is based largely upon personal preference and the particular waterway that you are fishing, but the point is that the aforementioned lures are effective in most any waterway and will know doubt help you catch some smallmouth bass.

Trevor Kugler is co-founder of JRWfishing a website focused on river and stream fishing with a focus on fishing for trout. He has more than 25 years experience fishing for all types of fish, and has spent much of that time fishing in small rivers and streams.

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