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If one is looking for a different type of vacation to unwind with friends or family, then a salmon fishing vacation is an interesting option. Of course one needs to have an affinity towards fishing and a boat to enjoy a fishing vacation. Again, salmon fishing is not just any type of fishing but a highly specialized hobby in itself. One needs to have enough information about the fish, its habitat, behavior etc. This is a popular sport in Alaska, which has a good population of salmon fish.

However there was a phase when salmon fishing became such a rage that it drove this noble fish almost towards extinction. A lot of public criticism and hard work of many non-governmental bodies brought in some awareness and norms to preserve the species. In many countries you need special permits to go fishing especially if the area has some salmon population and mostly everywhere fishing is prohibited during the breeding season to increase the salmon population.

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So, if this kind of leisure trip excites someone, then a little pre-trip research can make the vacation even more enjoyable. There are enough resources that one can get access to online to find out more tips about this exotic fish, along with the kind of places which offer this sport as a part of the fun element to your vacations. In some places salmon fishing competitions are also held to showcase the individual’s fishing talent. There are different types of salmon like the king salmon, silver salmon, etc., with their distinct characteristics to be watched out for a great fishing adventure. The silver salmon is a regular variety and does not need any special skills, however the king salmon is generally found in the Arctic Ocean or the Antarctic Ocean, is found in both fresh water and salt water throughout the year. Another type, the red salmon, is generally found in rivers than any salt water body.

Experts recommend that cloudy days are the best time for going on a salmon fishing expedition. For a great time, hire a boat and arm yourself with knowledge of different techniques of fishing and fishing lures to be used for different types of fish. In fact if you are going for freshwater fishing, bass and Snook fishing could be other options too, though make sure you have read up all the Snook fishing tips for a great fishing experience that you can talk about on your return.


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