Cockatiels Breeders – How To Find The Best Cockatiel Breeder By Shari H  |   Submitted On February 16, 2011

When it comes to purchasing a cockatiel that will be a great pet for many years to come, you want to make sure you are purchasing from a reputable breeder. Here are a few guidelines to help find a good cockatiel breeder.

You have two choices of places to purchase a cockatiel, the local pet shop or a breeder who specializes in cocaktiels.

The local pet shop

A local pet shop can be a good place to purchase a cockatiel if they acquire their birds from private breeders. Not all pet shops do this, most often than not, pet shops purchase cockatiels from various places who sell in bulk.

When purchasing from a local pet store, you may not know the history of your cockatiel such as: how old he is, what his health history is, how he was treated before he came to the pet store. All of these can be factors in the health of your cockatiel as well as your ability to train him easily. All cockatiels are trainable, but if he was abused, it will take a little longer to establish that trust.

Healthy happy female cockatiel eating broccoli on top of cage

Cockatiel Breeder

A private cockatiel breeder is a good place to go to purchase a cockatiel from because most of them are hand raised. Since the breeder handles and works with the babies when they are very young, they are already tame and more easily trainable. You will also know the history of your cockatiel and health history. You can also interview the breeder and tour his facility to make sure the cockatiels are being raised in a good atmosphere and facility.

All these things are good to keep in mind when you are looking for a good place to adopt your cockatiel from. Doing a little research ahead of time can save you some behavior problems and training issues later.

Shari Hickman is a bird lover with over 25 years experience raising cockatiels, finches and parakeets.

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